Lumbar Stabilization Exercises

Body parts are essential for a health living, there are so many muscles, bones and joints which keep us moving. So many muscles are there in the body which we cannot even pronounce hence we don’t know anything about them no matter what? According to the study when we feel pain at some place in the body it drags our attention towards that muscle and eventually we start feeling that muscle along with that pain. Anyways, similarly there is another muscle which is known as “Lumbar” yes this is something unknown to lot of us but, it’s a muscle which is exactly just like any other muscle of the body. It won’t be possible to make it understand for a person who is not from the medical background to visualize or understand the place or anything of a lumbar muscle hence let’s discuss few exercises which may prevent lumbar muscle severe pain and any other injury:

Planks: To put hands on the ground and the toes too, without touching the bally or the chest on the ground and keep that position for at least 60 seconds it termed as ‘plank’ this workout is considered the best for the core muscles and for the betterment of lower back and everything but, in a hidden way this coccyx cushion supports the lumbar muscle and increases the strength of the muscle in the same time.

Back arch: This exercise targets purely the lumbar muscle and allows the person to relax and strengthen the muscle at the same time. This workout can be understood by the fact that one has to lie down on the floor on the back, lift the hips up and hold this position for 5 seconds then relax and then repeat the same again and again at least 12 times.

Swimming: Although this is considered as a universal exercise, people do it most when they get injured due to any reason. Doctors recommend this workout for therapy and muscle relaxation, it increases the stamina and the muscle strength of whole body but especially of lumbar muscle the constant movement of hands in a flying motion increases the stiffness and the toughness of the lumbar muscle overall.

The above mentioned are some exercises which targets purely the lumbar muscle there are some other workouts and therapy too in order to cater the same muscle, such as: bird dog and table and child’s poses. It depends on the pain and the condition of the lumbar muscle that which exercises suits which individual. Other than this lumbar muscle is something which is really important for the overall wellbeing of the back and body hence it is recommended to consult a doctor if the pain is severe and uncontrollable.