November 2020

Everything You Need To Know About Remedial Massage

remedial massage glen waverley

A good massage can change your everyday life. What is better than getting your body to relax while getting tonnes of other health benefits? A massage is more than just unwinding yourself, it is a treat for your sore muscles and your mind. There are so many forms of massages you can pick from but the best one to ever exist for especially the athletes or those who have an injury is a remedial massage in glen waverley.

A remedial massage is when the masseur applies a bit more than usual pressure using slower strokes so that the strokes can penetrate and get to the deeper layers of tissues and muscles which in turn demotes the pain in the muscles and tissues. It is a healing massage and can only be done by a professional massage therapist. At living health group, our team of health experts would provide you a remedial massage professionally ensuring maximum results.

Our experts would conduct a one on one session with you in which they would ask your problem areas where you have the injuries or the places where you ache, so that they can focus the specific muscle groups hence saving you from the pain. Any chronic pain caused by over exercising or by exercising bare minimum would need a remedial massage and the massage would increase the blood flow in the affected areas and allows the dead cells and tissues to heal.

The use of forearms and elbows enable the remedial massage to be a lot hard core than other forms of massages which only uses the fingers and palms to move and knead effortlessly on your body. This type of massage would be painful than the rest of massages, so if you are looking for something light and soothing, this might not be the massage for you and you should opt for other forms of massage. A remedial massage would not be too painful that you are not able to bear the pain but it would make you uncomfortable since our masseur would put pressure on the targeted areas. The pain would subside after two to three days but once it subsides completely, you would feel a lot better and your body would thank you for opting for a remedial massage.

If you have a severe medical condition or recently had a surgery like a chemotherapy, you should check and consult with your doctor before you start your remedial massages session. Apart from this it is safe for every one of all ages. Our therapists are experts and have degrees in pathophysiology and anatomy. If you have a desk job from 9-5, you would automatically have a chronic pain in your back and neck, hence you are suitable for this type of remedial massage.

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