The Harms of Being Part of DePuy Recalls

Have you ever experienced buying something that turned out to be defective and was recalled afterwards? Much of a hassle right? How much more if the product that was reported to be defective and was recalled is inside your body? That’s definitely one big ball of a problem, which was experienced by more than 90,000 individuals all over the world because of the depuy recall hip.

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A lot of the patients who were part of the controversial depuy recalls, that rooted from the high revision rate of the products, namely the DePuy ASR hip resurfacing system and the Depuy ASR XL Acetabular system, have decided to file lawsuits against the manufacturing company of the defective devices.

A lot of them think that the reason behind the recall that brought harm and trouble to thousands of people worldwide is the company’s being negligent and irresponsible. Some of the lawsuits that were filed with the help of a hip lawyer claims that the company has failed to the necessary testing and researching of the products.

They believe that if DePuy has done the necessary measures to ensure the safety of the device they are selling, it wouldn’t have such a high failure rate.

There were also some claims that were saying that the company failed to issue the recall on time. they have gathered evidences that proved that DePuy has received the information about the high revision rate of their products long before they announced the recall. For them, there would be less patients who would be affected by the recall if it was issued earlier, as the patients would have a choice to postpone the surgery or choose another device.

Being part of a recall is a really huge problem, which makes it just right to go after the proper compensation that you deserve from the deliverer of your troubles, like what many of the patients of the recall has done.

It has been years after the announcement of the recall on August 2010, still, there are patients who remain quiet about their cases. If you happen to be one of them, or know someone who is part of the hip replacement recall, you may want to think of your choices carefully and quickly, time is running over, and you cannot make any legal actions anymore after its deadline on August 2012.

If you experienced your own share of sad and painful stories about the recall, why stay quiet? You have all the right to fight for your claims and be heard.

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Why Filing A DePuy Hip Recall Lawsuit Is A Must

Hip implants are designed to work effectively for no less than 15 years. If the mechanism falls short of its expected lifespan, revision surgery treatment will be needed – an operation that is not suggested by any physician. Medical doctors usually counsel their people to delay the hip replacing surgery treatment as much as possible. They do that to avoid a second surgery treatment later. However if the initial implant is faulty the revision surgery treatment will become necessary sooner than anticipated.

Hip Recall

Every medical system that goes into the market has a certain failure rate. That is reasonable as long as the percentage is still substantially low. However when the number of people experiencing issues because of it is greater than estimated, manufacturers have the liability to recall their items. That is exactly what occurred with some hip implants.

The issue with the gadgets was that they came unfastened in a very short time and they were no longer effectively connected to the hip bone. When that occurred, people were suffering from pain, distress and issues regarding jogging, walking and even standing up. A malfunctioning hip implant can even result in hip dislocation or bone crack. So if an individual feels any kind of distress because of his hip enhancement, he is likely to face a modification surgery treatment sooner or later. After a recall, manufacturers usually offer support regarding the costs of these revision surgeries.

DePuy Hip Recall Lawsuit

Many people may ask the question: if the organization is shelling out for the revision surgery treatment then why do I need to file a lawsuit? The reply is simple: because the organization took advantage of their clientele, promoting and advertising a product about which they knew is not functioning well.

Besides that the manufacturer is only shelling out for treatment but affected individuals had much more to lose. After a successful DePuy hip recall lawsuit, patients can acquire settlement for their difficulties and pain and lost wages from the period when they were incapable to work because of the second surgery treatment.

However it is important to know that in order to have a case, people will have to confirm not just that they had a faulty implant but also that it triggered some kind of increased pain. So if you think you might qualify for a hip recall lawsuit, the best thing you can do is to contact a hip recall attorney about the appropriate solutions.

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Find DePuy Hip Recall Lawyers That Will Help You In Your Quest For Justice

It is really shocking, for individuals that have undergone a hip replacement surgery, that one of the biggest names in the orthopedic industry has announced a recall on their hip replacement devices. This recall includes more than 90,000 units of malfunctioning devices, leaving people questioning if they ended up with one of these defective products.

One of the companies that officially recalled their products is DePuy Orthopedics Inc., a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson. They have recalled the ASR XL Acetabular system and the ASR hip Resurfacing System. They also promised to help health care providers and most importantly patients who have received the implant by gathering the necessary information such as costs for visits to their physicians, any needed exams and the coverage of connected surgical procedures. However, this compensation is not enough for patients who are suffering from excruciating pain because of the malfunctioning product. It is advised that affected people contact a DePuy Hip Recall Lawyer to assist them in their quest for justice.

For those suffering from the defective hip implants, there are very common symptoms that many people are experiencing.  You should become very concerned if you are experiencing any of these, including…

  • Popping
  • Clicking
  • Swelling
  • Loosening or dislocation of the implant
  • Serious and continuous discomfort (although not every patient experiences pain)
  • Hip fracture

If you have experienced any of these symptoms, please get in touch with one of the DePuy Hip Recall Lawyersin addition to your physician, right away. They have the proper experience regarding malfunctioning health care products, therefore making them the right people for the job.

With the help of a doctor and an experienced DePuy Hip Recall Lawyer, any relevant evidence that proves the failure of the hip replacement system can be preserved. This permits the affected person to take part in action towards the company that manufactured it. This also provides the affected person the option to recoup the charges that are associated with the failed implant in addition to the possibility of acquiring additional financial compensation for pain and suffering.

Take note, the law only allows a particular length of time for patients to act. This is why it is crucial that patients encountering these issues or injuries due to their hip replacement not delay their legal actions. The DePuy Hip Recall Lawyers can and will help you.  They are the ones who will make sure that your rights are always protected. Seek their valuable help right away.

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